Long-term volunteer or internship

We are looking for long-term volunteers to stay for at least months to help manage and develop our farm. For those who are interested in spending more than one month on our land, you will have chance to enjoy our farm life and gain more understanding about our tropical climate, permaculture agriculture, natural building, paddy plantation, farm maintenance, northern Thai local food, local community and culture, food forests, and much more.

Please tell us about your interests and the skills you would like to learn during your stay so that we can arrange a win-win situation. We wish to provide you with a meaningful hands-on learning experience.

How to become a long-term volunteer on our farm:

1) Contribute 10000 baht for a FIRST two-month stay, food and accommodation included.

2) When you start to stay here, you can prepare a proposal and summit to us before your third week stay. Approval depends on the farm owner’s decision. In your proposal,

Please tell us:

·         How long you wish to stay on our farm.

·         Your motivation to become a long-term volunteer.

·         Which global issues matter to you the most.

·         Your background, previous experience, and knowledge related to organic farming and permaculture and your skills.

·         List any specific experiences that you have which might be handy (example: facilitator in community building, agro-forestry, engineering, circus arts, carpentry, counseling, etc.).

·         Your ideas about how to improve our farm.

·         We might have extra tasks from time to time. Are you willing to take responsibility to manage one or more of the following tasks under our guidance? Please tick the tasks that you can contribute to or become a leader of:

o   Food shopping

o   Kitchen management (arrange volunteers who prepare meals each day)

o   Meal preparation

o   Seed saving

o   Planting

o   Gardening / mushroom garden

o   Guiding new volunteers (tour guide, logistics, etc.)

o   Reception (guide volunteers/visitors, prepare their accommodation and have them sign “Volunteer Agreement” when they arrive.)

·         What other tasks can you contribute to our farm?

The first 3 weeks of your stay here is your opportunity to know whether you like or adapt to our farm life. If you do not like it, you can just contribute the normal fee as normal volunteer. If you like here, you can prepare your proposal. If we love your passion and love to have you here for more than 2 months, we might provide free food and accommodation for your following months stay! Welcome to join us and have a special experience in your life!

Tacomepai is an organic food forest farm, not a tourist attraction. We aim to develop this land into an education and demonstration centre. Please do not come here if you are only looking for cheap food and accommodation.

Thank you.

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2 Responses to Long-term volunteer or internship

  1. Natthakritta Misiri says:

    Hello!! my name’s GIVE. i’m a Thai people.and my english not so good also i love to get a new experience with practice my English in the same times. And so my interested in will got a new skills from your farm in Permaculture and keep it with me also I will taught my husband in Sweden and maybe also for the future will have it in Thailand then,we love a life closed to the Nature in our way. But we should know how to prepare our land become to Permaculture. and we wishing will have a Thai Vegeterient Resturrant in our land in the future. And then now i waiting for will get an interview an embassy in BKK so,I have a lot of times to learn a new skills then,also this is my opportunity to get it in two months . And if i will got an e mail from an embassy i will leave to BKK.
    – My skill with cooking, I went at Mindfull Farm in Samoeng. Had tried to cook sush as a Scientist cooking foods for volunteer in 11 days then, they like my foods in my way and test with some spisy. with Jay foods. But I will be in Vegetarien. I also in arts, green thumb planting.
    Thank you


    • sahainan says:

      Hi Give, we are happy to hear from you and know you are passionate in cooking and permaculture. You are very welcome to join us anytime.
      You can phone call us 098-773-7947 🙂


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