Our First DIY water tank!


One function is supported by multiple elements. Now we have less worry about our water supply even in the dry season.

How do we get our water before this? In Sahai Nan, we have well, ponds, and we used to harvest the rain water, and last year, we connected the pipeline to harvest the clean natural spring water from the mountain aside. Plus, we have food forest and mulched soil to conserve water in the soil. That is why making good soil which can absorb and keep water underground is important. For us, bedside providing good nutrient for the plants and food for the creatures, good soil the world largest cheapest best water reservoir.

With the new water tank built, we can store our natural spring water in, just for emergency. Human are cutting down trees and soil depleted so we have to prepare incase the spring water decrease in the dry season (but we don’t hope for that!!!). of course during the raining season we have no problem in getting water, but with less greens and the depleted soil which act like concrete, flood could happen easily! So, protect the forest and ecosystem, and spreading the education is vital here.

We thank you all the volunteer who helped us to complete this water tank. We also made a stair case to the top of this water tank. Here you can enjoy the nice view, sun rise, yoga, meditation, etc.

Ohm we would like to use natural material just like how we use to build our houses (bamboo, mud, straw etc.)…but in the end we decide to use simen and bricks, for water proof! If you have any idea or knowledge about how to make water proof natural building (by using wax or anything), please share with us!

Preparing  bricks

Preparing bricks

Preparing bricks

Preparing bricks

Plastering the concrete up

Plastering the concrete up

The top layer

The top layer

Hand made stair case to the top of water tank by our lovely volunteers

Hand made teak wood stair case to the top of water tank by our lovely volunteers

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