2015 Raining Season— The Planting Season

Raining season is our moment to sow and plant. Not only planting plants for our food (like coffee, mango, rambutan, longkong, papaya, banana, etc.), vegetables, legumes (such as tamarind, moringa, acacia etc.), we also pay much attention on our staple food— RICE. In Sahainan, we eat mainly sticky rice, black rice, and brown rice. We have our seed from our own seed saving and also seed exchange with local community. This is the first year that we are planting rice in this mountain land as we just arrive last year. And this is the time to experiment and see which species/technique will produce the most harvest. Other than eating crop, we also plant construction plant such as teak wood and bamboo. We hope we will have lot of raw material to play with natural building!

Thankyou Universe, thankyou Earth, thankyou Rain, thankyou Sun, thankyou Soil, thankyou all creatures and thankyou to everything and everyone especially volunteers who sweat in this land!



Paddy Field


Paddy Field


Paddy Field

Paddy field

Paddy field


We planted about 100 plants of TEAK TREE today. Hooray!

Mango please grow :-)

Mango please grow 🙂


Growing well. Paddy field (dry paddy)

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