“Lua” is one of the hilltribe in Thailand. We were moving from mountain to mountain due to the political conflict between communist and democracy around 1967. One night, we were running away from a big fighting with families without any food. We have no even shoes. Then, the government gave us lands and we tried to grow our own food for survival. The soil was bad and poor. We have no education from school but we learn everything from our generation, our grandparents, parents, and seniors.

We learn to plant, build and preserve our seed by using the technique being taught from our tribal. Few years ago we found out that our traditional practises are actually the same idea and ethics of permaculture (even we did not know about “permaculture” from book or course).

Now we have a land which is planting fruits trees, vegetables, tree for construction, fire woods and we are on the way of producing rice because it is our main cereal. Unfortunately, recently the areas around north of Thailand are more and more being polluted by agricultural synthetic chemicals. Human lifestyle is getting away from the nature and causing not only negative impact to our health, but also destroying our Earth environment. Most of the useful traditional practices are also being forgotten by new generation. Nevertheless, nowadays we can find many people who are sick or having diseases due to the pressure of life, unhealthy diet or life style, contact of synthetic chemicals being used by human, and many other reasons.

Now, we are on the way of achieving our dreams. In Sahai Nan Organic Farm, we aim to be the education centre and real life example of organic farm to help the local people here to be away from conventional chemical monoculture planting. We love the simple living just like our last generation did, we enjoy being in the nature and conserving nature at the same time.

We need assists for developing our farm. We are looking for more man power and volunteers to help us in farm by using the permaculture and sustainable way. Anyone who love to contribute or learn are welcome with warm hearted. Come join and play with us.

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Care for the Earth. Care for the People. Fair Share.

Principles of Permaculture

  1. Observe and Interact
  2. Catch and Store Energy
  3. Obtain a Yield
  4. Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback
  5. Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services
  6. Produce No waste
  7. Design From Patterns To Details
  8. Integrate Rather Than Segregate
  9. Use Small and Slow Solutions
  10. Use and Value Diversity
  11. Use Edges and Value the Margins
  12. Be Creative and Respond to Change

Here you can read about the experiences or reviews of some of the recent volunteers and students.



6 Responses to About

  1. howie says:

    Permaculture Institute Thailand at http://www.permacultureinstitutethailand.org has a list of all PDC courses in Thailand and we have just listed yours. Hope this helps and you like it, please check it to make sure it is correct.


  2. marco says:

    Hello Sahai,
    This is Marco from MaeMutGarden, we know about you from Didi and Fenja&Jay who volunteered at your place this year and spoke so well about what you do.
    We want to visit you on Jan 31, I hope this is not a problem for you, I know you will be busy with your course but we just hope to have a look around and speak with you for a short time to get to know you a little, we will be staying in Nan and will just come to the farm for the day.


    • sahainan says:

      Hi Marco and Nok!

      Welcome to our farm. We heard alot of stories too about Maemut Garden! Few days before your arrival, please send an email to us (sahainan@gmail.com) to remind us (and we check email quiet frequently).

      Sahai Nan


  3. Grace says:

    Hi I am keen to come down to volunteer next week somewhere around the 2nd june. Will there be any vacancies? Please let me know!


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