Courses and Events

For courses and events, please visit our website

We conduct Permaculture courses every month including Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course, for the locals and also people around the world. We also have other interesting events such as cooking class, bamboo workshop, Earth Oven Pizza baking, and many more.

Making bamboo wall

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Volunteers preparing structure for roofing.

C360_2015-02-10-13-34-46-695 C360_2015-02-05-17-39-27-166

Our volunteers was having some activities with the children in the home school.

Heating the metal until the they become soft enough for shaping with hand tools

Working with teak wood

Making mud wall

We provide permaculture course, bamboo course, weaving course, natural building course, construction course, cooking course and many more. For courses, much of your learning and gaining here will be based on real life projects such as construction of compost heaps and garden beds, as well as practicing your new design skills working in small groups with your fellow participants. This gives you lots of opportunity to explore the various aspects of permaculture and discover the areas that are of most interest to you.

We will post our upcoming events and courses soon from time to time. Please kindly keep updating with our website.


2 Responses to Courses and Events

  1. Rhys says:

    Hello! Me and my partner are interested in doing your practical permaculture course from 1-10 July. We will be biking around the Chiang Mai area before hand and are especially interested in mushroom cultivation!

    I also run drama and clowning workshops which might be a fun exchange from the practical learning!


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